Birthing options for Mandurah and surrounding areas


Thinking of becoming pregnant? Maybe you already are, or perhaps you had a distasteful experience at a previous birth.

Here I am going to outline all your options for birthing in and around Mandurah.


Peel Health Campus has the option of both private and public birthing suites and has a range of birthing tools like birthing balls, oil burners and cd players etc. However, they do not have the option of a birthing pool.

The staff are able to deliver babies from 36 weeks' gestation onwards but babies born prior to this will need to be transferred to a more appropriate facility usually the Perth Children's hospital or King Edwards Memorial Hospital by Neonatal Emergency Transport service.


If you choose to birth at a private hospital you need to ensure you have added “Maternity” to your health insurance a year prior to birthing your baby. You will still be able to birth at your chosen hospital but won’t be covered and will need to pay any costs out of your own pocket.

Choosing private care can allow your partner to stay with you during your hospital stay after the birth of your baby.

Private cover may also lead to more intervention during birth and you may be referred to birth at another location usually King Edwards Memorial Hospital where they have more appropriate facilities for babies needing special care after birth.


A private midwife is someone you can choose and will be able to hold antenatal appointments in the comfort of your own home. They will be your midwife for the duration of your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. Independent midwives specialise in home births but some are able to attend selected public hospitals. This ensures if you need to be transferred to hospital during home birth you will still have your chosen midwife by your side.

Each Independent midwife must follow the National Referral Guidelines for Midwives from the Australian College of Midwives and may have their own personal preference in clients meaning you may need to be low or moderate risk.

They have a strong belief behind physiological births and the body's natural capabilities of birthing without intervention.


Home birth is becoming more and more popular with growing numbers of women choosing to birth in the comfort of there own home. To have a home birth your pregnancy needs to be considered as low risk. In saying this Mandurah and the surround Peel regions are currently 20km out of the Community Midwifery Program district area so if you plan on having a midwife you will have to pay to have them present at your birth.


In Australia free birth is legal. Free birth is when you believe in your body’s own innate ability to grow and birth your child you may choose to birth at home without the assistance of a trained medical professional. Free birth is currently on a rise due to the medicalisation of pregnancy and birth but also because of the traumatic births women are going through in the hospital settings.


A doula is someone who offers support, care and valuable information to ensure a child bearing woman is aware of all the options available to her during pregnancy, birth and postpartum period so that she is able to make her own informed decisions. They are non-medically trained so cannot offer any medical advice or perform clinical procedures such as vaginal exams or heart rate monitoring.

A doula is highly trained in the anatomy and physiology of the pregnant body and techniques/alternative methods to relieve pressure and discomfort while birthing and will be a calm and encouraging presence during birth. They are not there to replace a birth partner but enhance their abilities and recent studies have shown that women who had a doula at their birth were more relaxing, had less unnecessary intervention including c-sections, increased bonding with their newborns and an overall “good” experience.

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