I still vividly remember my first birth and think about how I would have done so much so differently. I trusted my body and baby and thought I would birth my baby beautifully. The idea of giving birth was something that was so natural to me I had no idea this was not always how birth plays out  in a hospital setting. I had a really good obstetrician who had the same birth philosophy as I did and a really humanistic approach to birth which just gave me even more assurance that trusting myself and baby would be all I needed to do to birth the way I felt most comfortable. Sadly, because of this I did little research on my rights as a birthing woman, my options and the risk and benefits of the options I had and although I was lucky enough to escape a traumatic birth and was able to feel somewhat good about my birth I really struggled through my postpartum period. 


The birth of second child was completely different. I spent my pregnancy researching, planning and healing to make sure I would have a birth that left me feeling on the birth should, powerful, empowered and in awe of my body. Even though my birth did not go according to plan A I still walked away feeling exactly that, on top of the world. Like I could do anything! I made decisions that I felt confident making and that aligned with exactly how I wanted to give birth. I had a calm, positive and lifechanging birth. It completely changed me as a mother for the better and my postpartum period was just magical, completely different to my first.

I have both struggled and thrived my way through the fourth trimester and know first hand the impact that season of life really has on you.

That is why I decided I wanted to lead women who are wanting to feel fearless, confident, cared for and in complete awe of their own power through their journey into motherhood. 

As your Doula I am here to  support you on your decisions to how you wish to bring your baby into the world and help you to create a calm, positive and fearless mindset towards labour by providing you and your birth partner with knowledge of how your body was built to create, support and birth life.


I am here to walk with you through your transition from woman to mother and be a loving presence to lean on when you need to release your fears, doubts and any emotions that may arise.

​I am there with you to be by your side and remind you that you already have the power, knowledge and inner wisdom to navigate your way through the surges of labour by preparing you with knowledge on breathing techniques to calm the mind & body and listen to your intuition. I will provide you with a whole range of alternative pain relief options, movement/positions optimal for birthing in and tips and tricks on how to best enhance the environment you're birthing in to optimal conditions. 

You have the right to make your own informed decisions about the way you wish to birth and have those choices be respected and honoured. I help make this happen by being there to remind you to stay mindful and use the B.R.A.I.N acronym when making decisions if a road block should arise during your labour.


My name is Tenneille Sloan and I am currently a student doula training with Vicki Hobbs at back to basics Doula training. I have completed my hypnobirthing supportive care givers training to provide support to hypnobirthing couples. If you wish to contact me please do so at soulfulbirthkind@gmail.com or follow me on my Instagram tenneille_sloan where I accept direct messages. Alternatively you are welcome to call or message me on 0401866964.